Antitrust & Technology

Posts about competition law in tech-markets.

Hipster antitrust

By Francisco Beneke

Your guide to the Google Shopping decision

By Francisco Beneke

Predatory pricing in India’s telecommunications market? The Competition Commission says no

By Francisco Beneke

Network effects and the assessment of market power in the sharing economy

By Francisco Beneke

3D printing and the future of sunk costs in antitrust analysis

By Francisco Beneke

Riding the M&As wave in India’s telecommunications industry: The ambiguity of market concentration

By Francisco Beneke

Market Definition and the Sharing Economy

By Carmen Ortiz

How Can Competition Law Enforcement in the Digital Economy Help in the Fight Against Poverty?

By Amine Mansour

Between an UBER Rock and an UBER NOT TOO Hard Place

By Carlos Esguerra Cifuentes

The Collaborative economy: a Competition (or Regulation) Issue?

By Ángela María Noguera

The Net Neutrality Debate: Which Path Will the Rest of the World Follow?

By Francisco Beneke

Uber: Competition between Platforms, Innovation and Economic Policy in Colombia

By Victor Ayalde Lemos

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